Working with us

When it comes time to plan your offerings for your coffee shop or roastery, you can rest assured that we have your needs prioritized and covered. More than a coffee family, we are in it for you, the memories and a long-term relationship that will be mutually beneficial for your business, nature, and the community.

Whether you are looking for green beans or roasted beans we can assure you are getting the 'Creme of the crop' since we leave the highest, most dense shade grown micro-lots for U.S and international markets.

Juan Hipp 3rd
Coffee bean
Monte Vista delivery at Hey! Cafe
Pre-order (Green Buyers)

If you wish to participate in our direct trade program, we suggest reserving your coffee ahead of arrival. Besides limited availability, this will guarantee your desired quantity and lets us know what process you are interested in. Deliveries are direct all the way from Honduras to your door-step.


Please send us a message to discuss pre-order offerings and samples.
We look forward to working with you!