Our Story

My grandfather Juan Hipp Sr. has always been a visionary man with a great desire to help and provide others around the community with a decent living. Raised with Chinese traditions, where family values prevail, we were always his priority. He purchased land on the high altitude mahogany and cedar filled mountains of Santa Barbara with the idea of providing jobs for neighbor villages. His idea included farming for various crops to sell at local produce markets; until he discovered the potential of his land to grow quality coffee. This is where the great journey of Monte Vista Coffee begins. Now his son, the only hands he ever trusted with his coffee plants, is following his visionary path. Juan Hipp Jr. who has been working at the estate side by side with the community since he was 13. He is the one to thank for the great cup of coffee we drink today. Established in 1966 it has been the family's shared passion for three generations. When we talk about Monte Vista, we are talking about more than an extraordinary cup of coffee; Monte Vista is the livelihood of many families with shared culture and traditions. A tradition and culture of unforgettable memories like that first sip of coffee in the morning.

Environmental Sustainability

We have destined part of our farm to a natural reserve rainforest that we acquired with the sole purpose of preservation. This, besides conserving endangered wild-life,... serves as nature's thermotast to maintain a cool micro-climate, which lengthens the cherry maturity, giving the coffee time to absorb natural sugars and attributes for a sweet, complex cup. Shade trees within our lots protect biodiversity and compliment the ecological sustainability of the mountains and overall evironment. At the Monte Vista Farm water is recycledfrom washed coffee, and compost coffee cherry pulp serve as natural fertilizer.

Social Responsibility

In addition to fair labor practices, above average wages and income security for many families, we donate water and electric utility surrounding communities... and contribute to the education and well being of every individual who helps us in the process of giving us this amazing cup. We invite and encourage everyone to get involved in sustainable development projects with us!.

Our Mission

To promote a direct sustainable coffee chain, which will aid in the developement and wellbeing of surrounding families in need while preserving nature's beauty.

Our Vision

We plan to inspire and promote the protection and wellbeing of the environment as well as people, in a sustainable manner, that takes care of nature the same way nature takes care of us.