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My grandfather, Juan Hipp Sr, has always been a visionary man with a great desire to help and provide others around the community with a decent living. Raised with Chinese traditions, where family values prevail, we have always been his priority.

He purchased some land in the high altitude mahogany and cedar filled mountains of Santa Barbara with the idea of providing jobs for neighboring villages. His idea included farming for various crops to sell around the produce markets; until he discovered the potential of his land to grow quality coffee. This is where the great journey of Monte Vista Coffee began.

Now he is continuing to expand his vision with the help of his son, Juan Hipp Jr; the only person he ever entrusted with his coffee plantation, who has been working in the estate side by side with the community since he was 13 years old. He is the one to thank for the great cup of coffee we drink today.

The Monte Vista Estate now offers a single origin premium coffee with distinct floral aromas, sweet medium acidity, medium body and chocolate aftertaste. This deliciously outstanding gourmet brew can only be achieved by keeping the highest of standards where growers methodically pick the reddest of cherries by hand. Monte Vista also provides jobs for many people in the surrounding villages during harvest season and contributes to the neighbor communities with water utility at no cost.

Established in 1966, it has been the family’s shared passion for 3 generations. When we talk about Monte Vista, we are talking about more than an excellent cup of coffee; Monte Vista is a family Tradition. A tradition I dream of making accessible to every family by bringing quality coffee to every table.